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Embark On A Journey Of A Lifetime

During this seven-week immersion you will journey through the 7 rainbow rays of creation to activate the potential of your Soul and rapidly transform your life.

Beyond Magnetic has been crafted to guide, coach and support you as you journey through the rainbow rays to the timeless sanctuary of peace and wholeness within you.

You will embark on a mystical adventure which allows you to simultaneously become practically acquainted with the simple things in life, from increasing your sense of presence and mindfulness, and connecting more intentionally with your environment through connecting with the spectrum of colors in your life.

The rays of creation, reflected in the 7 shades within the rainbow, each hold powerful codes which activate various facets of your Soul, and act as portals which connect you to a deeper sense of purpose, opening up your creative channel and harmonising you with your truest essence.

Immortal Vitality
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You will learn powerful exercises which will direct you to discover your highest Self, reconnect and embody your truth and move forward in your life with supreme purpose, carrying out your hidden desires.

Isn’t it time you stop living from a place of worry and start creating the reality of the dreams?

During our 7-week journey, you will learn how to connect directly with the life energy that exists within and around you, allowing you to connect intimately with the essence of your Soul. Each rainbow ray will motivate you to powerfully move forward on your path and rediscover yourself both as a child and as you are today.

What would you look like if you were feeling totally free, peaceful and balanced? Living a liberated life is your natural state, magnetising all your deepest desires with ease and flow. This is possible for you, but only when you reboot your energetic state from within, and align with the exquisite and pure rainbow of your Soul which flows inside of you.

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Each week you will experience a different ray and color that exists within your body and mind. Imagine journeying through your inner world, embarking on a sacred adventure, taking your mind on an adventure and rediscovering the endless possibilities awaiting you.Our journey will be filled with beautiful moments of transformation and remembrance  you will dance, walk, laugh, cry and will experience deep moments where you will meet your true self.

We will connect intimately over our special 7 weeks together, and you will receive the blueprint and tools to make 2021 a year where you truly fulfil your deepest dreams and desires.

No matter what area of your life you want to change or grow, the principles are the same. There is an orderly way and method, which when learnt, can dramatically change any aspect of your life. 

If you are trying to make a significant change in your life and are not succeeding, or finding it difficult to cope with stress and anxiety because you’ve lost touch with what used to make you happy, Beyond Magnetic is for you.

Evolutionary Essence

Beyond Magnetic will help you to break free from the barriers, fears and limiting beliefs preventing you from changing, and will empower you to find the strength, motivation and tools to powerfully shift your life and embody the magnetic creator which you are in truth.

You will remove the subconscious beliefs holding you back from achieving what you desire in the various areas of your life and rapidly accelerate your manifestation capability.


 Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Change habits and behavior patterns

Increase happiness, joy, and satisfaction in life

Improve your relationship with self and others

Create abundance and freedom


Beyond Magnetic is an incredibly transformative journey that will be accompanied by powerful exercises that will help you make profound mental, emotional, and energetic changes. Shifting your approach to come from the core, to experience change at a deep level, and align with harmonious universal energy.

You will be learning and practice practical simple tools on daily basis – to ensure perseverance and success. Every day you will receive an exercise that will help you assimilate the new materials learned in the course and see results in the different areas in your life.

Any question you have during the 7 weeks will be answered through the supportive group container of high-calibre women and the professional guidance of Hanit Benbassat. You will never be alone and will always have a community that supports you to success and hold as you shift through your transformation.


Many people attend personal development courses, workshops, and return full of energy and motivation to make a difference and change in their life…

The problem is that after a few days, the motivation subsides and everything they have learned fades, and in practice, they fail to make the desired change. The uniqueness of this journey that it takes place within your life, integrating into your daily practise and flow. You are not just absorbing information that you do not know what to do with. 

You will learn tools for change and self-care and immediately move on to the application, the daily accompaniment and learning have proven to be extremely effective in assimilating life change in real-time.

This journey is a therapeutic tool, which you can use at any given moment in your life when you feel the need to make a change or face a challenge. The processes and methodologies you will learn are easily replicated with results. This experience is for life and you will learn timeless techniques to consciously shift any area of your life, and manifest all that you desire.

The Weekly Flow


The Path Of Self Discovery

During this week you will begin to prepare for the change process by assessing your current situation, identifying the challenges you are facing and the potential for growth. You will redefine what a change process is, discover the source of your negative habits and learn how to change them fast, which will shift your whole attitude towards life which will radically deepen your connection to the Universe. You will learn how to create intimate relationships that reflect, mirror and amplify the best version of you, whilst gaining supreme clarity on where you have been and what you have been doing. As a result you will  be able to define exactly what you want with your current and future self, and experience true peace and groundness. You will learn how to focus your mind, center and ground your energy and manifest from a place of absolute ease, grace and power.


Building The Change Process

You will reflect and gain a new perspective on your life and clarity on your biggest questions which will allow you to identify your true desires. You will find your motivation to act, which will give you the strength to succeed in the process of clarifying your path and making aligned choices. You will identify your values and discover what truly matters in your life, taking responsibility for your happiness. As you start to live in alignment you will harness more energy, vitality, spark creativity and new ideas, and move through your days with heightened inspiration and drive. You will learn tools to stay positive when in a negative environment and finally say goodbye to stress and anxiety once and for all as you access deeper states of bliss. You will know how to act, create and manifest from your own powerful creative center with a focus on manifesting your desires for fun, to allow your creativity to flourish.


Identify And Release Barriers

There are strong forces below the surface of your consciousness that might prevent you from changing, it’s time to spot and release them. We begin by identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with enabling beliefs that support the realisation of your dreams and desires. We will identify blocked emotions and fears that are slowing down, or stopping your growth and learn how to take back control of your emotional life.  We explore how your daily actions can either weaken or strengthen you, and how you can reconnect with your inner strength and calm and feel more secure in the face of day-to-day stress, major life changes, or crisis.  This will assist you in recharging yourself amidst the “chaos”. This week you will break free from the negative thoughts and fears keeping you stuck, so you can finally embrace the person you’re meant to be. As a result you will rediscover and reset to a natural state of being, unburdened by limiting beliefs and procrastination that may be holding you back. At the end of this week you will feel confident in yourself and your choices, and clear about the direction you want to go next in your life.


Self Love – The Start Of It All

Powerful transformation is now within your reach as you learn to love yourself whilst embracing the change that comes as part of the journey. You will learn to give yourself permission to move through the ebbs and flows of life through embracing your innate vulnerability. Your confidence will skyrocket through learning a powerful tool, which will amplify your self-love. You will learn how to treat yourself the way you deserve with ease, and create a balance between giving and receiving. You will practice self-forgiveness and learn what it takes to truly forgive others in order to lighten the load of whatever dense energy you may be carrying. As a result you will find inner peace and freedom and easily tap into flow states daily. You will learn how to recognize your authentic, loving desires and allow them to blossom, moving through life connected to your natural intuitive gifts and the infinite wisdom of the Universe.


Self Renewal – The Pillar Of Strength

This week you will get supreme clarity on how you can communicate your feelings in a way that you are fully heard and respected. You will learn how to experience your emotions without being led by them, whilst focusing on what you have gifted yourself today. You will become who you desire to be, by shifting into the person that you are meant to be, in the here and now. You will practise speaking authentically and standing up for yourself and will harness your embodied energy to catalyze positive change in your life. You will amplify your trust that you are protected and never alone, because you can communicate better with yourself and with the incredible community of women that are sharing the experience with you.


Creating Reality

The magic will amplify this week! We will dive deep into the realms of manifestation where you will make empowered choices to start creating the reality that you really want. You will rewrite your understanding of the reality of your life through clarifying your desires and calibrating your focus. You will learn a structured and systematic process for creating your reality which will increase your confidence and trust in the Universe, and will allow you to access your inner wisdom which is always guiding you to your desired destination. You will experience an energetic, conscious and emotional change that will rapidly transform your experience of reality. You will see life through a different perspective, feeling joyful and grateful for the present moment and confident about the future. At the end of this week you will be fully embodied in your natural state of abundance.


Nurturing From A Higher Perspective

This week you will learn to self-trust and surrender, integrating everything you have learned by bringing all the experiences you have been through into the light of your awareness. You will focus on becoming your most authentic self so that you can move forward through life in integrity to your Soul. You will go into a state of deep rejuvenation, revitalizing your energy.  You will connect with your inner light being (your highest self) and strengthen this sacred creation. You will discover the answers to your biggest questions and silence any nagging self-doubt, enhance your intuition and manifest your best life. You will become truly magnetic and be in total harmony with yourself mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically.

Hanit Tree

Meet Hanit

Hanit Benbassat is a Certified NLP Life Coach, Rapid Transformational Coach (Hypnotherapy), Integrative Holistic Coach for Kids and Teens and award winning Children’s Book Author and an International Best-Selling Co-Author of the book ‘Ignite Your Adventures Spirit’.

Empowering connection to self, other & our earth. Through experiences enchanting their inner light and strengthening their internal assets.

Hanit offers her personal experience in the area of body, mind, and spirit, privately and in group workshops. She is certified Qigong and Mindfulness Facilitator and currently continuing facilitating it and Personal Empowerment programs in a variety of venues in Orlando, including Elementary Schools. 

Hanit was born in Israel and now lives in Orlando, Florida, with her three brilliant children and entrepreneur husband. She is a good hiker, amazing cook, and a great gardener. In her spare time, she also enjoys reading, exercising, hiking, visiting beautiful places around the world with her husband and kids, learn and explore different cultures, meditating, connecting with crystals, and spending time with friends and family.  

Hanit is currently completing her second children book from the series ‘Be The Alchemist’.

Hanit has a private practice in Orlando, Florida, teaches in Israel, and also available Internationally Online through Zoom.

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This application process should take you no more than 10 minutes. On our call we will tune in and determine your suitability for the Beyond Magnetic journey. If we are aligned, you will be expected to energetically commit to the journey and make a payment on the call. We are calling you forward on your greatness, if you are not ready to go ‘all in’, then this is not for you.