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An Integrative Coaching Program For Children and Teens

Ready For Your Child To Experience More

Focus, Confidence + Concentration

At All Areas Of Their Life?

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Does this sound like your child?

Does your child need coaching?  

Is he experiencing any social challenges?  

Is he experiencing fears and anxieties?  

Is he low-motivated, giving up easily, desperate, not believing in himself?  

Does he have difficulty concentrating in school?  

Resistance to do homework, study for a test?  

Do you experience difficulty in establishing a real, emotional, and sincere relationship with him?

It doesn’t matter how much we love our children, we can’t give them self-esteem, self-confidence, or success in life. But what we can do is help them to develop it in themselves!

The Coaching for Kids and Teens is a fun empowering program, that teaches tools for helping kids and teens learn how to handle the ups and downs of growing up.

The Coaching Program assists children in:

  • Develop positive self-esteem, Increases confidence, self-respect and respect for others
  • Make good decisions or handle peer pressure
  • Overcome mistakes and failure or manage change
  • Be self-responsible, and live with integrity
  • Move through fear and build self-confidence
  • Live life with intention and achieve their goals
  • Improves memory and concentration and increases attention span
  • Reach educational and personal potential
  • A growth mindset, be resilient and grateful
  • Release limiting beliefs and traumas
  • Develop their natural gifts and expand their creativity
  • Understand universal human values
  • Expands the children’s consciousness and raises their vibration
  • Strengthens their resilience, awakens and/or improves their intuition
  • Awakens skills they didn’t know they had and activates their ability to see, read and play without their physical eyes

Your kids learn the secrets for creating happiness, building confidence, owning their greatness, living with purpose, creating success in life, and being all they can be!

Imagine knowing that when your kids walk out the door each day, they will be confident and prepared to make good choices, to go for their dreams, and to handle anything that comes their way.

All Kids Deserve To Have These Skills!

How the program works:

Children attend between 10-12 sessions weekly during term time or every other day during school holidays.

Children are taught 1:1 and can only be taught in pairs and groups when their level of competency is established.

This is available for children between the ages of 6-15, who can read and know colors and shapes, depending on their abilities and maturity.

ICU Teaching provides information and opportunities to enable children to change the way they learn and grow. The revolutionary methods available are new and very exciting ways for children to use their minds with greater capacity and awareness and opens up their learning abilities to new levels of understating.

If you feel your child would benefit from this work and he/she would like to expand their mind and awareness, grow in confidence and self-esteem, please contact for more details, availability & pricing.

Give Your Child The gift Of Freedom

Children, as well as adults, face complicated and tricky challenges, and providing them with the tools they need to handle new challenges and grow in a healthy and productive way is crucial to helping them become happy and healthy adults. The coaching program for kids and teens is a practice designed to help them do exactly that.

This program provides the energy needed for children to open their minds and energy channels in order to be as receptive as possible to this form of therapy. The results have proven astoundingly effective

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Client Love

  • Shavit was working with Hanit on a weekly basis for 10 meetings and we saw an amazing fast improvement in her focus, confidence and general behavior. 

    Shavit was excited to meet with Hanit every week and work with her. 

    As a child with ADHD Shavit now doing so much better at school. Before she had many problems studying, and now the teachers compliment her for being focused, listening and have a great work habit. Shavit grades improved.

    Vered Sason

  • Amara and I want to thank you for the intuitive course you did with amara. It has helped her in so many different ways like being confident within herself and with things around her like school, making friends, she can connect to her intuition and pick up on negative energies. She has learnt to connect with light whenever fears come up this course has helped her so much and we thank you for all your guidance. This will forever stay with her its truly a blessing 


  • After several months of participating in the ICU program, I notice a change in Victoria.  Victoria was somewhat skeptical when beginning the program as she wasn’t sure what to expect.  Over the course of the program, I have seen her gain confidence in her abilities and understand that there is deeper meaning to things…more than just what we see.  There is something called intuition, which has to be nurtured.  Over time, I believe this program will help her trust more her intuition as she will be able to see beyond what lies on the surface.

    Victoria is an extremely creative child and this program has helped her expand her imagination.  Using the mask provides a deep connection with inner feelings and learning how to clear your mind to see more than just words, colors and pictures is invaluable.  This has given Victoria confidence.

    Physically, Victoria’s balance has improved.  When starting out, she didn’t believe she could complete tasks while wearing the mask. Since then, she has completed multiple tasks and I see that she is proud of herself when she accomplishes something. I think she is beginning to understand what “potential” means, which as a parent is unbelievably exciting.

    I look forward to having Victoria continue with the ICU program and continue to push herself and unlock her potential. This program is as fulfilling to me as a parent as it is to Victoria as a participant.  Hanit has been a wonderful guide and motivator for Victoria.