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I was very impressed with her abilities as a personal coach. She is uniquely compassionate and insightful ever diligent in uncovering the issues that held me back from experiencing my true potential.

I highly recommend her talents to those courages enough to face their life.

Alan Jensen
Hanit is a truly gifted coach. She worked with me on some deep rooted issues. She listened, she understood, she “felt” my feelings. I could open up completely because I trusted her implicitly for the very beginning. In just a couple of sessions with Hanit I made far more progress than in months of counseling – she enabled me to be at peace with my past and gave me the courage and confidence I needed to look forward to my future.”
Peter Jolly
I’v been a coach and personal mastery trainer for several years now, so i understand what it means to deliver amazing outcomes for your clients. I wanted to share with you that your timeline work with me has done just that! I can’t say enough about the blend of your coaching expertise, intuitive touch, and personal style that allowed
me to experience a new awakening to love and relationships. Even coach need coaches. Thank you coach!”
Jeff Morrow
II know it’s only been hours since my second QiGong class with you but I really wanted to express how pleasant and mind-opening the session was. I was impressed in how I let myself go with through the guidance of your voice and breathes. I have never reached that level of self empowerment and control off a natural high. You truly have a unique gift that gives wonders to people. I will most likely be going back every Thursday or whenever you offer QiGong sessions. Words nor money could not describe my true happiness for your work. Please keep doing what you’re doing knowing you have the ability to make huge changes in a struggling persons life.”
Al (aldea)

“I want to tell you about my experience with a Hanit!
I went through a group meeting with her, as well as a personal coaching.
From each of them, I received a box of practical tools for a better life, for the emotional aspects of me and for improving the quality of the relationships in my life !!!
I learned to control my responding to the environment to feel better with myself. Now I learned to allow myself at least 10 minutes a day for mindfulness, contemplation of my thoughts and emotions. I also learned to breathe correctly, I practiced with Hanit amazing meditations that brought so much more peace to my life and empowered me. I highly recommend from the deep warmth and love of my heart to work with Hanit, learn easy and practical tools for a happy life.
Thank you Hanit”

Natali Bouskila Elkabaz
“My journey with Hanit started almost four years ago.
I arrived at her office full of fears, in a crisis of low self-esteem and insecurity. I knew how much talent lay in me, but procrastination and disbelief dragged me down.
Until I met Hanit, I was in long-standing processes with psychologists for years, and nothing seemed to change, and if something changed, it was so slow, I did not have the urge to persevere.

Hanit succeeded in bringing about a significant and amazing improvement to my life. She did so in a combination of deep conversation and highly intuitive guidance.
Through dialogue, she entered into my world and with great talent, she understood very quickly what was holding me back, what prevented me from being whole and complete, and what did not allow me to shine.
The therapy is conducted through her gift – rare abilities in channeling, healing, energetic therapy, meditation, and coaching. What I experienced with Hanit, I can not describe in words, the magic happened every time I went into her therapy room.

But the therapy was not only that, as a true life coach, Hanit opened the schedule, announced a date for achieving a certain goal and accompanied me all the way there, until it was fully fulfilled.

For me, Hanit gave me the perfect facilitation. A combination of focusing on mind, body, spirit. The balance of energy and spirit, and a continued progress and implementation of the here and now. Being and doing.
So many dreams and goals I fulfilled with her help. With deep gratitude for the opportunity and with much love, I highly recommend working with Hanit.”

Rani Segev
Thank you Hanit for an amazing RTT session. You created such a safe space for me that I was able to truly open up and dig deep into the true root of my block on putting myself back into the dating world. I felt at peace and so much lighter after the session. You have presence that is truly healing. I wanted to let you know that I have listened to your recording and I have actually gone out on a date. So I thank you no more fear. I would recommend you to anyone. Lots of blessings to you.”
Dear Hanit,
For years I have been taking care of myself to eliminate one stubborn belief that has affected every area of my life – the belief that I am not enough. Not good enough, for nothing …
Whenever I touched this belief in different treatments or modalities, I could only shave a thin layer of it, and on days when I was not in my center, the layers thickened again.
I put a lot of time and effort into trying to uproot it. Without much success.
Then we met. Virtually. For one treatment. ONE! Very powerful and deep session. Already during this time in my session, I felt a great load coming down from me.

About two weeks after our session I found a job quickly and easily, that was after six months of searching and frustration.
Every day since this session, I feel more and more connected to myself, my belief in myself and my abilities is growing, I feel good about myself and other people.
Finally, I feel myself. Free to be who I really am.
Knowing clearly that I’m much more than enough, I’m even very good!

Thanks love! Just thanks from the bottom of my heart! Thanks for everything. love you very much!”

Sagit Aphriat
I have known Hanit Benbassat for several months, and she is a person of integrity who cares deeply for others. In chats and conversations, I have learned to trust Hanit completely. She is an amazing healer and transformer.
Recently I scheduled a special Rapid Transformation meeting on Zoom to address perhaps my greatest weakness. I did this with some reluctance because I have been avoiding a sensitive, personal block in my mind for years.

I needed the transformational magic of Rapid Transformation Coach Hanit Benbassat, and she handled my session with tremendous professionalism, sensitivity and concern. What amazed me even more was that with Rapid Transformation, she has transformed my mind immediately and for the long term.

Hanit is among the best detectives to put the pieces together as a coach/therapist, and that made a huge difference for me. She literally helped me overcome the biggest roadblock on my life journey, and Hanit can help you too in so many areas.

My life is now full of momentum, hope and focus. Because of Rapid Transformation’s unique journey — it unlike any other therapy I know of — I no longer play small ball, which is amazing!

Hanit Benbassat is a 5-star individual and Connect To Your Infinite Possibilities is a 5-star business. I am so glad I met Hanit and asked her to help me with this former roadblock in my mind. Thank you, Hanit.”

Terry Carter
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