Having said this, we know that we can’t expect one type of crystal or stone to help treat depression. Depression isn’t exactly a “one size fits all” illness — it must be treated at the psychological or spiritual source to truly be healed.

Crystals and gems can be used as an added boost to any type of healing work, and psychological and spiritual healing are no different. Of course, it’s important to see your doctor and talk about other types of therapies or treatments that work on the physical level, too.

Instead of purchasing just any type of gemstone jewelry, you can choose one for a specific purpose. Keep reading to find out which crystals and gems will help you treat depression.

From crystals that inject more joy into your life, to the ones that encourage more self-love, here is a description of each type – 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart chakra to all levels of unconditional love, including love for family, platonic love, romantic love, and self-love! It chases away negativity and facilitates healing for self-forgiveness, acceptance, self-confidence and self-worth.


Citrine will inject a sunny ray of light and joyful energy into every aspect of your life. It will help you raise your self-esteem and confidence, as well as allow you to find the sunshine within. It also helps with concentration and provides energy for the mind. Great for balancing the emotions.

Smoky Quartz

In addition to helping to recharge your personal energy, Smokey Quartz will also help you feel grounded and balanced. It neutralizes negative energies and is detoxifies on all levels. It releases fear and will help you clear through depression and anxiety. It will help derail “the negative thought train”.


When you feel hopeless, Chrysoprase can help you find the hope and happy truths in your life. It helps to heal the inner child, facilitating the gentle release of emotional hurts suffered during childhood. It works to help us focus on the positive things in our lives, and helps us learn how to process negative thoughts and feelings in positive ways.


A grounding, protective stone that will help strengthen the bond between your entire being, and the life-giving earth. It will help you access deep states of consciousness while sleeping, which helps you to feel more well rested during the day. Bloodstone connects you strongly to the present moment, and encourages the following of your intuition. It also reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience.


Aventurine comes in several different colors: Green, Blue, Orange, Brown, Yellow, and Gray. The makeup and structure of the Aventurine family makes it perfect for growth and healing in all forms. Choose the color based on your specific intention. 

For example, Green Aventurine is known as the “heart healer”, meaning it works to heal your heart chakra, so you can more readily give and receive love.

Yellow Aventurine is great for those who feel oversensitive, or who need help with overcoming feelings of powerlessness and enhances creativity.

Blue Aventurine will help you work through finding your voice if you feel stifled. It’s also been known to help those suffering from addictions to take responsibility for themselves. It helps you work through old stagnant energies to make way for inner growth. It will also encourage you to communicate positively and effectively.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite balances and activates the solar plexus chakra, which will give you more personal power of will. This is a great healing stone for depression, and also helps to overcome lethargy and a foggy mental state. It will help you refine and concentrate your own personal power of intelligence and assertiveness, if you feel low on energy.

You can choose just one or two, or create a whole collection to help in healing depression.

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