But, why would you want to raise your personal vibration?

What actually happens when you raise your energy vibration, is you’re becoming the best version of you.

Crystals that Get You Closer to Perfection

This is at the core of the self-help programs and is a big part of what I do to help my clients as an Integrative Healing Coach. There are many different ways of becoming your best self and raising your personal vibration:

  • Surrounding yourself with beautiful things that resonate with you
  • Eating healthy, natural foods
  • Drinking plenty of water every day (filtered is best)
  • Meditating for 10 minutes each day
  • Caring for your body with regular physical activity
  • Spending time in beautiful natural environments like in forests, mountains, canyons, or beaches
  • Being compassionate and kind to others
  • Practicing positive self-talk and self-care

Essentially, it’s all about ridding your body of toxins that you come into contact with nearly every day. Toxins exist everywhere in our environment, and this includes low-vibrational energy. Everything toxic that has no positive impact has low energy vibrations.

If we don’t take care to clear ourselves of these toxic energies on a regular basis, we will eventually become physically and/or mentally ill.

Luckily, there are healing crystals that vibrate at these higher energy frequencies. They make it easier to avoid and resist the effects of the insidious, toxic energies that we encounter every day.

Many of the stones with the highest vibrations are very rare.

This is okay, even if you can only find a small specimen of Aurora Quartz or Benitoite. They can be placed in the center of a clear quartz grid to amplify their energies! Clear quartz is abundant and easy to obtain, and this is great because it has the ability to strengthen the powers of other crystals.

And there are those like Herkimer Diamonds and Moldavite, which are high-vibe healing crystals that are much easier to obtain.

Here is my shortlist of high-vibe crystals, along with the specific benefits of each one.


Moldavite is a green stone and is one of the easiest to find high vibe crystals. It’s legendary for being a stone of powerful, positive spiritual transformations. Moldavite is so powerful in its ability to take you to the higher states of being, that it can be physically felt right away. It can even cause dizzy spells if used frequently. Use a grounding stone like Smokey Quartz to counteract this common side-effect.

Clear Apophyllite

Clear Apophyllite should not be used unless you’re ready to heal your deepest wounds. The points naturally grow in small pyramid shapes, and their basic structure allows them to focus pure life energy from the cosmos, shedding healing light on your past traumas, and imbuing them with transformative power. It has the energy to facilitate spiritual clarity and freedom of expression.

Elestial Quartz

Helps you break through the energetic barriers between the different planes of existence heal at the molecular and DNA levels. Meditate with a piece of Elestial Quartz, or use it in a grid with clear or smokey quartz to break through heartache and trauma, so you can release depression, stress, anxiety, and other ill effects from toxic energies.


An ancient stone of particularly earthy, solid energy that is still able to vibrate at the higher frequencies. You know that feeling when you’re lying on a blanket under a shade tree, and the ground underneath feels soft so, cool, and relaxing, and it brings you a deep sense of comfort and peace? That is the healing energy of Goethite. Meditate with it for some of the most peaceful, deeply emotional and mental healing.

Herkimer Diamonds

These technically aren’t diamonds — they’re way better. They’re effective in helping us break old negative patterns and habits, as well as help you bring together all the fragments of your soul that might have been lost in past lives due to trauma that was never rectified. It also protects against toxic environmental energies by shielding you from them, or by diffusing and balancing them.

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