After several months of participating in the ICU program, I notice a change in Victoria.  Victoria was somewhat skeptical when beginning the program as she wasn’t sure what to expect.  Over the course of the program, I have seen her gain confidence in her abilities and understand that there is deeper meaning to things…more than just what we see.  There is something called intuition, which has to be nurtured.  Over time, I believe this program will help her trust more her intuition as she will be able to see beyond what lies on the surface.

Victoria is an extremely creative child and this program has helped her expand her imagination.  Using the mask provides a deep connection with inner feelings and learning how to clear your mind to see more than just words, colors and pictures is invaluable.  This has given Victoria confidence.

Physically, Victoria’s balance has improved.  When starting out, she didn’t believe she could complete tasks while wearing the mask. Since then, she has completed multiple tasks and I see that she is proud of herself when she accomplishes something. I think she is beginning to understand what “potential” means, which as a parent is unbelievably exciting.

I look forward to having Victoria continue with the ICU program and continue to push herself and unlock her potential. This program is as fulfilling to me as a parent as it is to Victoria as a participant.  Hanit has been a wonderful guide and motivator for Victoria.