My journey with Hanit started almost four years ago. I arrived at her office full of fears, in a crisis of low self-esteem and insecurity. I knew how much talent lay in me, but procrastination and disbelief dragged me down.
Until I met Hanit, I was in long-standing processes with psychologists for years, and nothing seemed to change, and if something changed, it was so slow, I did not have the urge to persevere.

Hanit succeeded in bringing about a significant and amazing improvement to my life. She did so in a combination of deep conversation and highly intuitive guidance.

Through dialogue, she entered into my world and with great talent, she understood very quickly what was holding me back, what prevented me from being whole and complete, and what did not allow me to shine.
The therapy is conducted through her gift – rare abilities in channeling, healing, energetic therapy, meditation, and coaching. What I experienced with Hanit, I can not describe in words, the magic happened every time I went into her therapy room.

But the therapy was not only that, as a true life coach, Hanit opened the schedule, announced a date for achieving a certain goal and accompanied me all the way there, until it was fully fulfilled.

For me, Hanit gave me the perfect facilitation. A combination of focusing on mind, body, spirit. The balance of energy and spirit, and a continued progress and implementation of the here and now. Being and doing.
So many dreams and goals I fulfilled with her help. With deep gratitude for the opportunity and with much love, I highly recommend working with Hanit.