Throat Chakra Healing Crystals

The Throat Chakra is very important and you should work regularly to make sure it’s healthy and in proper working order.

This bodily energy center or is located in the center of your neck and it represents your ability to communicate honestly and with trust and compassion. It’s also referred to as the 5th Chakra or Vishuddha in Sanskrit.

You’ll know if your throat chakra is out of balance when you’re having difficulty expressing yourself. Here are some specific indicators that your throat chakra needs a healing boost of crystal energy:

  • You feel as though you can’t express your truth and be yourself
  • You’re often afraid to say what’s on your mind, or you “can’t find the right words”
  • You have a hard time listening to or paying attention to others during conversations
  • Your creative expression feels stifled
  • Your inner dialogue is muddled, confused, or persistently negative
  • You have a hard time arriving on time, or you often forget important dates
  • Another function of the throat chakra is to connect you to spirit
  • You feel a lack of self-confidence, leading toward feelings of insecurity and introversion

On the other hand, a throat chakra imbalance can also mean talking too much, gossiping, or not being able to keep secrets.

Aligning your throat chakra will also help the flow between your lower chakras and your upper chakras, make it easier for you to positively express yourself.

The 5th Chakra vibrates at a frequency that corresponds with the color blue. It’s no wonder then, that the healing crystals and gems for this chakra are either blue or include shades of blue.

Healing Crystals for the 5th Chakra

The following healing crystals will assist you in balancing and healing your throat chakra, so you can express your truth with clarity and without fear.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz will help you find the right ways to express yourself for the highest good. It can help you attune with your higher self so that you can live according to your own standards. It helps you to recognize where you may have wandered from your inner truth.


Chrysocolla is a very peaceful stone. It is soothing and calming in times of stress, bringing about a gentle release of toxic energies that get in the way of positive self-expression. Chrysocolla can help calm the emotions and bring understanding to inner and outer conflict.


Fluorite is known as the “crystal of discernment and aptitude”, bringing the energies of responsibility and intuition. Fluorite cleanses and stabilizes the aura and absorbs and neutralizes all types of unwanted energies. Fluorite does wonders to increase our powers of concentration, self-confidence, and decision-making.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate calms the mind and emotions and gently opens and expands your consciousness. It’s a very cooling and calming stone, endowing us with a sense of peace and tranquility. It assists with the verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.


Amazonite is considered a soothing stone that enhances creative expression by clearing and strengthening the 5th chakra. It is called the “hope stone” because it inspires confidence and hope.


Full of calming energies, Aquamarine quiets the mind and makes it easier to speak your truth. It works to harmonize its surroundings and protect against pollutants. This soothing stone calms the mind by removing extraneous thoughts that don’t contribute to the highest good. It sharpens the mind, clears up confusion and works to clarify your perception of your environment.


Sodalite is a stone of the deep mental and spiritual journey. It has been used for its ability to reach an altered state of consciousness, including hypnosis. It can help you learn detachment — to be able to view your situation through a clear, unbiased perspective.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is one of my favorite healing crystals. It works on all levels to balance your energies, which will give you a deep sense of purpose, and peaceful self-awareness. Its beautiful shade of blue-veined with gold-colored flecks gives it its peaceful look, with a dash of higher spiritual awareness.

It’s easy to use healing crystals because you can just wear them as jewelry. Anyone of these crystals as a necklace would be perfect because it would be directly over your throat chakra. Carrying one of them in your pocket will also work.

If you want to know more about healing crystals and how they can help you enjoy greater well being and tranquility, feel free to contact me today.